24 Things Before 25

I decided I need to start making more goals for myself... enter my 24 things to accomplish before turning 25. Some things are goofy and small, others will take a while and some planning to achieve. But here's my list!

1.) Volunteer Somewhere

2.) Maintain my Blog

3.) Go to Another Rock Concert

4.) Get Another Tattoo

5.) Learn to Sew

6.) Go Vegan for a week

7.) Paint a VERY LARGE Canvas [see my painting here]

8.) Throw My Own House Party

9.) Take Ballroom Dance Classes

10.) Have a Cute/Simple Wedding

11.) Random Roadtrip to Another State

12.) Fill One Art Journal

13.) Take a Photography Class

14.) Visit California

15.) Learn to Knit/Crochet

16.) Buy a NICE Camera

17.) Re-Learn Piano

18.) Buy a Nice Bike

19.) Establish My Business [whatever that may be]

20.) Learn to Bartend

21.) Donate To Charity $$

22.) Get a Dog

23.) Live in a Big City

24.) Learn to Cook WELL


  1. cool idea 24 before 25, i have a long list as well..

    I actually enjoyed reading ur page coz we have many similarities and goals alike..

    Well, all the best in accomplishing ur dreams and desires :)

  2. I LOVE this list! Best of luck! I think maybe I should make one of these lists lol

  3. I loved this little list :) Made me happy inside because some are quite random, lovely things and others are really special like volunteering and donating. :-)



  4. I love reading lists like these.. I have my own "27 before 28" list, I need to post it on my blog somewhere so I can keep track of it!!

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