A Question or Two

Just a few questions to cure a bit of boredom :]
1. where is your cell phone?

Right next to me as always. Can't live without it!

2. your hair?
Is red, curly, frizzy, and sometimes bothersome :]
3. your mother:
Is one of my best friends
4. your father:
Is hilarious

5. your favorite food?
Chinese. Then sushi.
6. your dream last night?
I've been having some really odd dreams lately. But sadly, I cannot remember!
7. your favorite drink?
Orange crush. Has to be in the glass bottle though.
8. your dream/goal?
Have a job where I can make a difference and that allows me to do crafts on the side for fun and spend time with my family.
9. the room you are in?
I'm definitely not typing up this post while in class.... no, I'd never do that :]
10. what is your hobby?
Painting. Crafting. Music. Being artsy in general.
11. what is your fear?
Hmmm... being alone or something happening to the ones I love.
12. where were you last night?
In a late night class
13. something you are not?
Stubborn... lies
14. muffins:
15. wish list items:
This print from Vol25's Etsy Shop
This antique spoon ring from Silver&Spoon's Etsy shop
16. where did you grow up?
Boring old O.H.I.O (At least we have pretty Autumns?)
17. last thing you did:
Heard thousands of trees cry out in pain as I printed 30+ posters at work for a campus event. Ironically for the visit of the Dalai Lama
18. what you are wearing:
Grey vneck, checkered scarf, and skinnies
19. your tv:
Was a birthday gift (along with a Sony bluray player) from my awesome boyfriend. 32" Sony flatscreen :] He spoils me.
20. your pets:
2 kittehs living with my parents, and a beta fish named Marvin II
21. your friends:
Mean the world to me.
22. your life:
Is pretty great. i'm very lucky.
23. your mood:
Slightly bored. But happy.
24. missing someone?
25. vehicle:
I have a gold Honda Accord
26. something you're not wearing:
My industrial barbell (sadface) I miss it.
27. your favorite store:
thrift stores, Forever 21, Express (sale rack), H&M
28. your favorite color:
Guacamole Green, Black, and Mustard Yellow

29. the last time you laughed:
When I came home today to find my mailbox had a meltdown
30. the last time you cried:
Hmmm. I don't remember.
31. your best friend:
Is the love of my life and drives me nuts somedays :]
32. one place you go over and over:
Borders Bookstore. I could stay in the craft section for days.
33. guilty pleasure:
Noodles... can't get enough of them
34. favorite place to eat:
Fazoli's :] Yum
35. where do you want to be in 6 years?
Happy. Married. Loving what i do. Making a difference.

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  1. Wow what a list. I really enjoyed reading it and i will be making one of my own soon.


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