When Boredom Strikes

I got bored with my last blog and decided that the road to happily maintaining a blog starts with *one* subject. I was trying to do too much, architecture, crafts, school, life in general. I've decided to focus on the artsy side of my life. Maybe this time I won't have difficulty posting often as I seem to always be looking for something artsy and crafty to do or make. Which leads me to tonight's topic... Boredom. Most people get bored and want to watch TV to pass the time... I am not one of those people. When boredom strikes with me, I'm jonesing for arts and crafts. Many random projects throughout my house are the product of my boredom. Unfortunately my favorite craft store is closed on Sundays, so if boredom decides to visit on that lovely day, and I don't have something to make already at home, I have to be even more creative, or move to the walls. Literally.

I did this a while back when I was looking for something to do. I couldn't find anything so I grabbed my paints, moved furniture around, and painted my own Cherry Blossom Tree on the wall.

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