What's In Muh Bag...

So I found this ideas while looking at my favorite art blogs and decided to give it a try. My current purse is a tote I bought from Barnes & Noble... by purchasing it I fed 3 homeless children and gave 3 children school books. Sounded like a great thing to stand behind. Here's what's in muh bag...

>My wallet/wristlet (for when I don't feel like carrying a bag)
>Ray Bans :]
>My beat up Palm Centro (with a new pink zebra case to cushion my abuse)
>My iPod Shuffle
>Lip Balm (always a necessity)
>A really sweet pen
>A hair tie (you never know when you'll need one)
>This really cool tool thing that Mrs. A got me (I think it's called a Leatherman?)
>It's not in the picture but I try and carry my sketchbook/art journal around for random creative outbursts
>Last but not least, the digital camera I took the picture with :]

Wasn't that exciting? Hah... well I had fun. Now time for some relaxation after a long day of architecture.

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