4 Simple Goals

I’ve been in desperate need of some goal planning in my life. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess challenged her readers to create four simple goals to accomplish by 2011 within a certain criteria. Easy enough, right? Well, I already have my "24 things before 25" list, but here are my “4 simple ones.”

1. PHOTOGRAPHY. I need to take more photos of just every day life. I can't remember the last time Mike and I took a cute photo together. I need to change that.
2. Spend less time watching T.V. and take some time to craft and MAINTAIN my art journal [and blog].
3. Be more SPONTANEOUS. Go on random adventures outside my comfort zone. Try something new.
4. BUILD my graphic design portfolio. Pick up random projects from friends, or just make up random projects!

And with that starts my first week[end] of trying to follow these goals. Wish me luck!

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