Airstream Dream

My Etsy Must Have post sparked an all out airstream crazy-fest on Google images {as if it wasn't bad enough before} so of course I might as well blog about it.

These guys are so intriguing and cute! It's like a glimpse into the future {almost UFO-esque} but they just exude that vintage feel. I love road trips on country roads, as shown by my recent post. So not only would I love to have one of these babies as my personal studio, it'd be so much fun tugging one along on a road trip to nowhere.

I love how this airstream is hidden away in a garden almost. So pretty.

With how much I love small cozy houses, I doubt there will be space for a craft room so having an airstream studio would be perfect. Ideally I'd just want to find a completely gutted old model that I could completely renovate {of course with the help of my handy boyfriend} and say it was all us. What an exciting project {at times stressful} that would be. I'm in. Here are some more pictures to wrap up this post.

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