Road Trip

Mike and I decided we wanted to take a road trip yesterday. At first, to nowhere in particular just to get out of Oxford, but then we decided to head to Indianapolis since it'd been forever since either of us had been. Not only did I mark something off my Autumn Checklist, but I also knocked something from my 24 Things before 25 list (Random road trip to another state). I am feeling quite accomplished and even have some lovely pictures to document out fun day.

We took mainly country roads all the way to Indy. It was such a beautiful day. That's actually corn in the road, not leaves.

Probably my favorite picture of the day is this one I took of Mike. So cute. We had a blast.

There was a wedding party taking photos at the monument. The bride and groom arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. It was oh-so-cute. What a fun day.

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