Charity Auction

This past weekend was the Masquerage for ARC Ohio. For anyone who isn't from Dayton, that's a HUGE party held downtown and all it's proceeds go to AIDS research and helping those affected by it. I decided to craft up something to be sold in the charity auction and decided on different centerpieces. Here are the finished products:

Much like the fall centerpieces I created for all the women in my life, but this time I used a white pumpkin. I really like how it turned out. I've made about 6 of these, yet I still don't have one for myself lol. I'll need to change that for next year.

I made these for the Winter season. They were extremely time consuming to make. I'd have to think twice before ever recreating these puppies.

The last one was a RED theme for AIDS awareness. Complete with little red ribbons and all :]

There's even a mask at the base for the whole "Masquerage" theme. So fun!

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  1. these are great! you did a fabulous job and for such a great event too!



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