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I go home from time to time to visit my parents and my boyfriend on weekends and I always in up bored because I don't have anything to craft! I think I found the perfect solution to that. I plan on making a travel craft kit. But what's a travel kit without an awesome vintage samsonite traincase! Here is this weeks Etsy must have found in TagSaleFinds shop

This guy would be perfect for carrying around basic crafting necessities as well as some felts, fabrics, etc. Not to mention it's MUSTARD YELLOW!
I'm in love. I'm 99.99% possitive I will be purchasing this. It has a 2-inch rip in the inside but that's to be expected with vintage. Plus, maybe it will give me a mini side project to fix it!
In other news, I'm in the process of sprucing up our house so that someday soon maybe I can do a tour feature here on the blog. It's a tad bit bare right now and could use a few decorative pieces. Maybe I'll hit the craft store this weekend after recooping from a Halloween party [costume pics will be up eventually] and grab some canvas and start painting!

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  1. I love this! I totally agree..a mobile crafting kit should be everyones accessory. Like today I was taking some knitting with me to my boyfriends and was scared to just put all my materials etc in my bag incase I sat on it or something silly. So this little case would have just been perfect! I hope you bought it :)



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