10 Things I Love

This amazing room and towering vintage suitcases. I think that's the sleep sofa I'm planning on getting from Target, too!
Aged stone. I also loved the rustic wood "adore". The contrast between stone and wood is perfect.
These pillows, surprisingly, because I do NOT like the color brown. But these pillows are really cute, though you'll never see them in my house lol
 These amazing microwavable safe lunchboxes by Oots. They're BPA-free and can be found on Amazon for $39.50
 This couch, turned daybed DIY from Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest. I might have to try this sometime. Maybe have Mike actually make the frame and everything. Could be fun.
This amazing house remodel by Ana Williamson Architects. It looks so model now. AND it won awards for being environmentally conscious. Win.
 Paper flower bouquets/arrangements. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars on flowers that will die before you leave for your honeymoon? Not me. Miss the fresh scent of flowers? Perfume works just fine.
These odd plates by Jason Miller they are so odd and interesting. Might be a little hard coordinating them with your kitchen decor but still really fun.
These homemade Oreos that my friend Michelle tweeted about a while ago. My mouth is watering just by looking at the pictures. Find the tutorial over at Smitten Kitchen
Greener ways to wrap Christmas presents. I plan on wrapping my presents this year with anything but wrapping paper. I'm sure there will be a post come December about my adventures. Here are some ideas from Re-Nest

Tonight I'm headed to Cincinnati to see Daniel Tosh from Tosh.O do his amazing stand up routine for Mike's birthday. I am so excited [and so is Mike]! He's probably one of the funniest people I've seen, other than Mitch Hedburge [RIP] so this is going to be great!

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  1. Those oreos look amazing, right?! I still haven't made them, but I think I will for Thanksgiving.

    And that couch DIY is awesome.


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