[Award] The Versatile Blogger

Mary-Beth over at All Is Love nominated Crafted Love for this cool Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Mary-Beth!

Here's the deal, I get to tell you 7 things about myself and then tell you 7 of my favorite recent blog obsessions. So here goes...

1. I am obsessed with Fazoli's. It is my all-time favorite restaurant/food. I will have them cater my wedding someday. Mark my words :]

2. I currently live with three of my best friends, Kayla, Colleen, and Molly in a cute little home off campus. We are in the process of decorating and making it feel cozy as well as finding a name for it. [It's a tradition at Miami to name your house and put a sign up of it]

3. My boyfriend has a mild... moderate... okay, extreme obsession with Batman. That's not about me but I'm he's currently sitting in front of my playing COD Black Ops in Batman lounge pants so I just had to throw that in here.

4. My favorite band is Anberlin. For my 19th birthday Myk took me to a concert and after the show Stephen Christian wished me a Happy Birthday and signed my CD. Eek!

5. Going along with the previous fact, I get really star struck with musicians and Hollywood stars. It really doesn't matter how big they are, I get all shy and big-eyed. It's quite embarrassing.

6. I really love weddings. And not in the "I'm a girly-girl and have had my wedding planned since I was six" kind of way. Because, let's be honest, up until about Junior year of high school I was the BIGGEST tom-boy. I just love the fashion of weddings and how everyone is happy. I'd love to get into wedding photography but I have a ways to go before I'd be ready for that.

7. I love getting comments on my blog! It's cheesy but I love knowing people actually read this thing! It amazes me some days.

Well, those are my facts, here are 7 of my new blog faves...


  1. I LOVE Fazoli's too! it's one of my favorite restaurants ever!
    it was fun reading your 7 things. glad you could participate!:)


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