Black Friday

Mike and I have never really experienced true Black Friday where you go to the stores right when they open so we had the bright idea of pulling an all-nighter and making an event out of it. After napping off two turkey dinners we got up around 11:00 to plan for the night. 
Walmart was open on Thanksgiving so for their Black Friday sales they shrink wrapped the displays and cut them open at 12:01am. I have never felt so claustrophobic in a store before in my life. We were packed in like sardines. Needless to say, I was unprepared for what Black Friday really is. People were throwing others out of the way to get to the video games that were on sale.
The highlight of this stop came in the form of a mom bringing her newborn baby in a stroller with her 3 year old son trailing behind. Really? What was she thinking?
After we finally made it through the check out and all around craziness, we drove to Target, which wasn’t opening until 4:00am. There were already people camped out at the front of the store and around the corner. We decided to just nap a little more while we waited.
It was time to get in line for Target. It was way worse than I expected. We walked around the corner and saw that the line went to the back of the store. We walked to the back of the store and realized the line went even farther. By the time we got in line we were almost at the far side of the store. When the line started to move the line of people had wrapped around Target once. Did I mention it finally stopped raining? Oh, but it started to snow instead.
Target was a madhouse. We got what we wanted and started to head to check out when someone so “nicely” told us that the line was “back there”. Another never ending line. The check out line went all the way back to electronics, all the way past seasonal, and all the way through the men’s section. By the time we had moved up to the electronics section the line had snaked throughout the whole store and we were now staring across the aisle at people 2 hours behind us.
As crazy as it was, Mike and I did get some great deals and a funny story. Originally we planned to hit five places but after the madness of the first two locations we called it quits. I doubt I’ll ever be partaking in Black Friday again though. Unless I want a new TV and feel like throwing people to the grown for it. 
Pretty soon I'll be posting new exciting items hitting the Etsy shop so check back in an hour or so!

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  1. So you didn't go to Joann's? The crafter in me is shocked!!!!


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