Bloglovin' iPhone App!

I was on bloglovin' today reading my fave blogs when I saw it! They are in the process of making a bloglovin' iPhone app! You have no idea how excited this makes me! I currently read my blogs on two platforms. I use a general RSS feed reader on my iPhone and bloglovin' whenever I'm around my laptop which gets a little annoying because it doesn't sync what I have and haven't read when I switch to a computer.

But this annoyance is almost over! Bloglovin' hopes to have their iPhone app by Christmas. What an awesome Xmas present [is it sad how excited I am about this?]

If anyone uses bloglovin', or if you read a bunch of blogs, you should follow me on there. It makes life so much easier!


  1. The app is actually out! :-)

  2. I'm anxiously waiting for it. Is it out yet? Thanks for sharing the news! :-)


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