Branding Trials

I mentioned on Twitter forever ago how I had finally decided on a logo for Crafted Love. I really wanted something simple that could stand in place of the phrase Crafted Love. After pages of scribbles I think I've found one that sticks.

As for the branding side of things, I haven't gotten much into that. Maybe business cards to put in Etsy deliveries? I think I'll incorporate it into a few buttons and possibly my blog header sometime in the near future, but until then here are just two of my possible watermarks for photography... any thoughts?


  1. The CL is very nice. My thoughts? For photos, I'd go a bit smaller on the logo mark, and go with a more standard (casual) serif font for the "crafted love photography." Something not too formal, perhaps Baskerville or one of the many variants out there? Maybe see how that would look, but don't change the logo. Its perfect.

  2. i love this!!! it's sooooo cute!!!! you are very talented!!!

    ♥ allister bee blog


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