Christmas in Springboro

Today Mike and I drove to Springboro for the annual Christmas festival. You're probably thinking, "uh, it's not even Thanksgiving". For some reason it's always held the weekend before Thanksgiving. The food is always amazing and local artists and crafty people come to sell their art and crafts.

Normally I see the same people every year but this year there was a new booth that caught my eye. It was called 5 Orange Potatoes and she sold cute plush animals. I didn't have any cash on me but I really liked this owl she had so I might have to hit up her Etsy site. You should check out her blog. I love finding new crafty people. Maybe next year I'll get a booth at the festival. Who knows.

I'm a bit of a mess today. I've misplaced my computer cord for my Nikon so I can't upload any pictures that I've taken from the party or my weekend in general. Sadface. Hopefully I find it soon!


  1. i hate when things go missing. It makes my whole life feel like it's in disarray. Hope you find your cord fast!

  2. Sad I missed you! I was at Christmas in Boro on Saturday! :)

  3. al, i'm sad i missed it this year... i totally forgot about it.

    also, loved your 7 things about yourself with fazoli's on the top. freaking love that place. :)

    p.s. i love this blog so much - thought you should know.

    love always,
    jackie bak


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