Everyone is caring more about the environment these day, so should you! There are so many cute things out there to help reduce/reuse/recycle so I thought a post about a few eco-chic things might be fun.

 Reusable snack and sandwich baggies from Fig Tree Boutique

Starbucks Coffee Cups. I love their Shaken Iced Tea Lemonades. If all Starbucks lovers brought their travel mugs/cups we would save so much paper. But props to Starbucks for using recycled materials in their cups.
Seventh Generation household products. They use eco-friendly ingredient to make their products.
Envirosax reusable shopping bags. I actually have this bag. It's so cute and it rolls up really small to fit in my purse. They come separately or in packs of 5.
I'm sure almost everyone packs a lunch from time to time. It's cost effective and oh so fun when you have a cute reusable lunch bag like these

What green things do you adore? I'd love to know!


  1. love the idea of reusable snack baggies!! :D

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