Friday Faves

Mikey informed me that today is Nation Doughnut Appreciation Day. So tonight I will be taking this as an excuse to hit the best doughnut shoppe around, Bill's Donuts, in Centerville. Yum. Until then, I'll start today's favorites with a lovely doughnut inspired item.
1.) Cute Donut Keychain made by Irene Jorba

2.) Terrariums. I need to make one soon!

3.) I just love this leaf diagram. I've become such a botany nerd since this past summer. Just ask Mike. I announce what every tree is that we pass by.

4.) Sweet vintage radios

5.) Typography

6.) The Waffle House. Mmmm crappy food is the best sometimes :]

7.) Balloon Photography. And vintage overlays

8.) Pretty neighborhood fronts

9.) The lost and forgotten

10.) Pretty flower arrangements. Especially went they're fake and never die :]


  1. These are all so great. The vintage radio is fantastic. I'm such a fan of vintage electronics.

  2. The leaf diagram is cool. Almost has a Charley Harper feel to it. Looks like they sold the original on Etsy, and no prints. :-\


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