Home Inspirations

I've recently become obsessed with this awesome blog called Young House Love. It's a blog about a handy couple who bought their first home and have been renovating it ever since. Their stories are so inspiring and make me want to go out and find my first home so I can start decorating! Unfortunately, I have a few years to go before buying a home is possible or even smart. So until then, here is my home inspiration.

Big wall fabric designs to add color
Varied sizes in picture frames

 Fireplaces that don't work.
 Mustard Yellow and more picture frames

Alphanumeric decor

 Re-purposed barn doors

 Modern kitchens with a touch of retro style

 Melamine. Can't get enough of it. In all shapes, colors, and sizes

A pimped out garage for Mikey

 And a craft studio for me (complete with dual mac monitored desktop :] )


  1. i love the re-purposed barn door! i worked for a company that had one and it looked awesome! plus it was kinda fun to pull open too! reminded me of when i used to take horse back riding lessons :)


  2. Isn't Young House Love amazing?! I'm obsessed with their wedding. Now my goal is to have an equally personal, cheap wedding.

    And I love those craft rooms, so cute!

  3. Love all of these - we have very similar taste! :)

  4. Love your taste.. and ive also been reading Young House love religiously.. they give me some hope for my house as im still trying to figure out what to do with it lol


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