[Love] Wall Art

I'm a big fan of wall art/murals as shown by my first two adventures here and here. I'm always looking for my next fun adventure [although currently I'm not allowed to paint in my rental house... sadface] and seeing inspiration every day. Most, if not all, of these are decals but why spend money on decals went you can paint?

I love trees as you can see

I made a few new headbands last night for the shop, I'll get a picture posted on her later today after work. The grand[ish] opening is getting closer and closer! I'm setting my goal for the end of this month just in time for last minute Christmas presents.


  1. Ooh I especially love that first decal with the little bird on the tree. But I agree, painting is way more fun!

  2. I want to do that dandelion one on my wall next yr! hahaha

  3. Haha. Ok Kayla, I'll paint it on your wall for you.

  4. I've seen the blowing dandelion one before and have wanted to purchase it. I don't have quite the right wall in my home. But Jason and I are on a 4.5 year plan to build our own home on the top hill of our farm. And I will have it then. In my laundry room. However I will decal it b/c I can not paint. :-)

  5. I absolutely love the tree decals. Nice find!


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