Mix Tape Monday [Tuesday]

Since I was so busy yesterday I wasn't able to blog much. So today I'm posting about yesterday's feature. Here's a list of my favorite tunes to listen to when I just want to lay back and relax. It's also perfect for a rainy drive down the road [it's currently pouring here in Oxford. Gotta love that unpredictable Ohio weather...]

Also, don't forget about the Cyber Monday sale. It's still going on today until 5:00pm since I was so late in announcing it yesterday. Head on over to my Etsy Shop and check it out!


  1. Fantastic mix! Never hears of "Jars of Clay, but we'll definitely be checking it out. Your blog is fantastic, we're so happy to discover you! We shall be putting your lovely blog button on our page for sure!



  2. LOve your blog! and i love the sond Jar of Hearts so much!;)



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