My Printer, Alfred

Today has been a very odd day. First, I got lost on MY OWN CAMPUS trying to track down a professor for a force add course, a hectic day at work, and then this...

My printer (dearly named, Alfred) has been having fits for over a year now. No matter how much I cleaned the rollers, it would jam up every time I tried to print. After a few minutes of trying to fix it I just gave up and Alfred got moved to my closet for more desk space. After a year of collecting dust and countless trips to the library to print various projects/assignments I decided it was time to get down and dirty and finally figure out what the problem was.

I went onto HP Support... no luck. Nothing worked. I even chatted with a representative and still couldn't find the problem. I was almost certain I'd have to spend a bunch of money having it sent somewhere were it could get serviced when I decided, what the heck, it can't get much worse. I proceeded to poke around the inside and see if paper was stuck way up in the carriage area.

After a bit of poking I felt something right behind the last set of rollers... This is what I found...

I honestly have no clue how a hair tie could get jammed into a printer, but I've managed to do it. Poor Alfred. I'm not well versed on my printer vocabulary but the area where this guy was wedged was nearly impossible to get to, even with a pair or tweezers so I'm in awe at how it managed to get in there.

Alfred is now printing almost perfectly. After sitting on a shelf for over a year, the ink could use replacing, as shown by my very faint "Horay!" test print. I'll hit the store tomorrow and he will be as good as new! I've got lots of things to scan too, my logo, art ideas, etc. Lots to do! Now off for a quick run around the neighborhood before dinner and maybe an inspiration post later tonight. We shall see!!

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