What's in my Bag? [Part III]

YAY! Remember this post? Well Mike saw it and bought me my very own Jo Tote!!! So in honor of my new purse/camera bag I thought I'd do a What's in my Bag post.
The photos are a little on the lo-res side because I took them with my iPhone so my Nikon made the picture :] But here's what I'm packing these days...

1. Nikon d3000
2. Pretty floral wallet from Target
3. Membership card holder
4. Cinnamon Altoids
5. Purple Raybans
6. Journal for writing down random thoughts and ideas
7. Tote/pouch for all my random things. Gotta stay organized!
8. Envirosax reusable grocery bag
9. Special K bar. So yummy.
10. Keys


  1. omg i LOVE your bag and everything in it!!!!! :D

  2. Your bag is wayyy more organized than mine. Jealous.

    --Melanie Reller

  3. looove those bags! i love the yellow.

    found your blog thru mishka's. i'm loving your 24 before 25 list! :)

  4. Yay! So excited for you! Jo Totes are the greatest, I'm still super obsessed with mine.


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