[Non]Etsy Must Have

While it's not from Etsy, I just had to post about this amazing camera bag I found from Jo Totes.

I really need to find a camera bag soonish so I'm not wrapping it in a hand towel and putting it in my purse... probably not the smartest in the long run. I absolutely love this tote. I love the design and the flower and as you know, yellow is my fave! Houndstooth isn't my favorite pattern in the world but over all this bag is my dream bag. Christmas wish-list? I think yes.


  1. I have this purse in teal! I got it for my birthday and this post just reminded me that I totally forgot to blog about it.

  2. omg i've been coveting this jotote!

    lovely to meet you, love ohio bloggers ;)


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