A Roarin' Good Time

Mike is turning TWENTY FIVE this Thursday! That's a quarter century birthday! Also, my friend Kayla had a kind of crappy 21st birthday celebration due to move-in ciaos and not enough planning. So in honor of these monumental 20-something birthdays I decided to throw a 1920's themed party this upcoming Friday.

It's a pretty easy theme to dress for so I should have a lot of people who join in on the fun of dressing up. What's even better? I already own everything I need for my costume.
Here is my outfit board for the party. It's a good thing I'm saving on the outfit because I'm going all out for the rest of the party! Does anyone have any good ideas for a 1920's party? I'd love to hear them! Next weekend I'll be sure to post about the outcome and snap a pic of the finished outfit.


  1. hey Allie!
    When I had a mad men holiday party last year we had drinks and appetizers from the late 50's early 60's...this has a pretty good list of drinks from the prohibition era... http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/07/14/a-speakeasy-thats-not-so-secret/

    also I made food from the time period as well. :)
    we had little cards on the bar area that gave instructions on how to mix the drinks.

    maybe that helps? haha :)
    have fun!

  2. The best idea for a themed party is the 1920s. The flappers had the best fun ever. Check out my Art Deco site for all things 1920s and 30s. Don't forget the long strings of flapper beads, dance the charleston to a wind up gramophone - the jazz has got to sound scratchy and authentic!


    Have a wonderful time.


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