Running Mix

When I lived on campus the last few years I would go to the Rec Center allll the time. I love working out. But now, I'm quite far away from the Rec so I'm thinking I'll just start running as my exercise. I love the iTunes podcast "Couch to 5K" but I decided to throw together a running mix and thought I'd share it with you!
It's an eclectic mix of songs, but they're sure to get you moving at the perfect pace. I just need to work on my winter athletic wardrobe because my normal tank top and shorts outfit might kill me in this weather!

I really want to get this jacket from Target by C9. It's so comfy and even has holes for your thumbs in the sleeve. Perfect for running. What's on your Running/Workout Mix?

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  1. What a cute blog, I love it! Thanks for checking mine out! I'll definitely be back!



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