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 I told myself that when I hit my goal in number of page hits a day I would finally post about advertising on my blog. Well today is that day. So if you're interested in advertising your blog, website, or shop on Crafted Love, listen up!

All the profits from sponsorships will go straight towards advertising Crafted Love on other higher trafficked sites, therefore getting YOU more views as well.

Currently, there are two sizes to choose from...

Large ads are available for $10 a month and will be located on the right side of my blog. They will include a guest post to show you off to my readers as well.

Small ads go for $5 a month and will be directly below the large ads on the right hand side and will be rotated throughout the month to insure everyone gets optimum views.

If you don't have a blog button and don't feel like creating one, no worries. For an extra $5 we can chat about ideas and I will create a button for you. Included in the price is the HTML code necessary for putting your button on your own blog for others to snag [like mine on the left side of my blog]

Email me at craftedlove[at]gmail[dot]com for more information or if you are interested in getting your button on the list!

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