A View From Above

It's the last two days of class before Turkey Break and it seems like 3/4 of the campus has already gone home. This morning in one of my architecture classes there were probably only a dozen people in the class compared to the normal 30 people on the roster so class was going to be a little laid back. The one thing about Architecture is the difference in classroom life. Our instructors hate being called "Professor So-and-So" and prefer being referred to on a first name basis. They are also a little bit crazy, but in an awesome-keeps-class-interesting sort of way.

So this morning we were on the topic of roofing materials and my instructor stops and says, "You know what? We could finish class in here... or we could go up on the roof." Now, the architecture building has a sun deck so that's what I'm thinking he means. No big deal, we go up there all the time. I realized I was wrong when we took one more turn than normal and I ended up staring at a 20 foot ladder leading to a small hatch in the ceiling.

I wouldn't say I have a fear of heights. I love roller coasters, tall buildings, etc. However, I did find out I am slightly terrified of climbing up completely vertical ladders in ballet flats and my notes binder in one hand. But after what seemed like years, I finally got up and out on solid ground, and the view was amazing.

[The hatch door we had to climb up and out of. Eek.]
I could see all of Miami University, all of Oxford, and miles beyond that. The wind made it a tad bit chilly and made the thought of tipping over the edge a little more prominent on my mind. Alumni Hall is a three story building and on one side it's actually closer to four due to the slope of the land. Without a harness holding me back or a sheet of glass separating me from certain death, I decided not to get too close to the edge.

Thank goodness for iPhones because the experience called for a few snap shots. After it was all said and done, I was glad I didn't give in to that fleeting thought this morning at 6:30am to skip class. It was definitely a cool story.

On another note, still haven't found my Nikon cord! It makes me mad! I'll give my room one last search and then I'm just buying a new on off Amazon. Ugh.

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