Weekend Happenings

This weekend was pretty low key but a lot of fun at the same time. So instead of boring you with words, here is my weekend in photos.
 Friday was National Doughnut Appreciation Day, not that I need an excuse to make a stop at Bill's. Their donuts are sooooo delish.
 I even drank Vitamin D milk. Shocker.
Afterwards, all that was left were the crumbs. Wearing black jeans wasn't a smart move on my part though, when we got up to leave I was covered in powdered sugar. Whoops.

Afterwards we made a late night trip to Jo Ann Fabrics and scavenged through the remnants bin. My favorite. Hopefully you'll see headbands, hair clips, and broaches in these patterns on my Etsy shop soon! [fingers crossed!]

Today, Mike's brother, Mathieu had a hockey game in Oxford so I drove over to Goggin to watch. I snapped a few good photos. I've conquered baseball photography but photography in a hockey rink is a little tricky with the lighting and Plexi. Oh well, I'll just need to start bringing my camera to all the boys' games now!

On my Sunday to-do list: clean the house, make some more progress on my designs for my restaurant project in my Interior Design studio, photograph my Esty items, and start crafting away for the TWIG Sugarplum Festival fundraiser. Lots to do!

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  1. This looks like an amazing weekend! The donuts look crazy delicious.


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