Weekend Shenanigans

One of our roommates is graduating early [yay for her, sad for us] and she brought all of our furniture so eventually we will need to buy our own. With how many guests we get I decided it was time for me to buy a futon. That's when the adventure started...
When I get an idea like this, I have to get it soon or I get antsy. Fortunately, I have an amazing boyfriend who humors these crazy adventures. We went to my favorite store other than the Hobby Lobby... IKEA!!! And I found the perfect futon for a really good price. Only problem? It was huge, probably about 7 feet long. Mike agreed to see if we could fit it in his car, which by the way if you can't tell, is a Cobalt COUPE. Impressively, we were able to fit a lot of the box in after we put down the back seats and shoved it all the way until it hit the driver/passenger seats.
Mike is also a hockey player so if you know anything about hockey, you know how much stuff they have to carry around with them. Well all that was in his trunk as well. We still got it to fit [when I say we, most likely I should be saying he]
He really really loves me. This took two trips to get home. First the frame, then the mattress. But we finally made it back and got to put it together. Yes, I did help with the construction.
It was actually fairly easy to put together after Mike fixed my mistakes. I'm very stubborn and refuse to read directions.
Mike got dibs on first nap on the new futon. I love it! It's so comfy and big enough that one person could sleep on it without pulling it out into a bed. I definitely need to get some cute throw pillows for it because the grey ones that came with it blend in way too well.
Maybe one of these Etsy finds? Is anyone really surprised with the color choice? :] I also think yellow would look really nice up against the grey. But we need a roomie meeting to decide on decor colors. We'll be doing some much needed decorating in the next few months to spruce up our humble abode. Maybe I'll finally be able to get a house tour on here, who knows!

Like those pillows? The links of where to purchase them are shown underneath from left to right. Enjoy!

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