christmas photo dump

I can't believe Christmas is over! It went by so fast! I think because of the craziness of finals and finishing up Fall semester, Christmas snuck up on me. I'm sad to see it go, but I had a pretty good Christmas all in all.
I was pretty proud of my presents this year for everyone. Mike's big present this year was a Crosley Turntable with a USB connector for downloading the scratchy sound that only an LP can create. He was super excited about it and is now making up a list of records he needs to buy :]
We listened to music for the rest of the night. I'm in love with the sound of a turn table. My next purchase will be Anberlin's LP for sure.

The rest of my Christmas present pics are on my parents' camera so hopefully I can get them on here soon. But for my mom, I got her Sketchers Shape-Up Boots that look a lot like black UGGS. She loves Shape-Ups. We got my dad the new Amazon Kindle. He's probably downstairs reading it right now. My brother's gift was probably my favorite.
A while back I gave him my hand-me-down iTouch which was thousands of years old [exaggeration of course] It has a crack on the screen and quickly runs out of battery but he was completely content with it. This year I wanted to tease/trick him a little bit. I bought a cool Skullcandy case for his iTouch and got my Dad to help with the trickery. Evan opened the present my Dad said "Oh, cool! Let me see that.... Oh. Are you sure this will fit your iPod? It's for the newest model" Well at this point Evan has to think I'm the dumbest and worst sister in the world. Not only did I get him a really small gift, but it wouldn't even function with his iTouch. Bummer.

Not so fast. While he's staring down at his case trying to think of a nice way to say "Oh gee, thanks, but I can't use this at all." I get up and walk over to the Christmas tree where I have hidden another present for Evan. I grab it, walk back and say "Oh, well maybe it will fit this one." and hand him the brand new iTouch 4G. Needless to say he was totally shocked and jumping with joy. It was probably my favorite Christmas memory yet.
I love getting presents for my friends and family. It's my favorite part of Christmas. Tonight I'm finishing up present with Mike. Just the smaller presents we consider stocking stuffers. We're going out to dinner [I'm feeling some Chinese is in order] and then just having a lazy night watching How I Met Your Mother. How are you spending your day after Christmas? Any fun shopping adventures?


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