Christmas Wishlist

The Christmas season is such a fun time of year. Decorating, baking, buying presents for friends and family. It can be a bit stressful figuring out what to get people though... so I've done everyone a favor and compiled my wish list... juuuuust kidding :] But here are a few things I'm loving these days...

Chalkboard Thought Bubble from PhotoJojo

Instax Mini Instant Camera from Urban Outfitters

Vintage Scissor Scarf from Snoozer Loser
Inception on Bluray
 A Vintage Birdcage

There you have it. My Christmas wishlist. What's on your wishlist for this holiday season? Christmas is getting close! I better get to shopping/creating soon!


  1. i like your list!:) i'm not even sure what i want...
    i did ask for a lomo diana camera tho (fingers crossed)!

  2. ohhh i want an instax mini soooo much!

    i was a bit apprehensive about making a video blog...i think i talk funny too! haha. i think everyone does :) you should totally make one, i love watching them. and it was actually reallllly fun to make. i felt like i had my own craft show, haha. i might try a cooking one :)



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