and so the city search begins.

After I graduate Mike and I are planning to move away for a couple years. As much as I complain about the weather and all around boringness, my heart will always reside in Ohio. However, I am such a family centered person. So much so that moving farther than an hour away scares me because I won't be able to just hop in the car and go see my family. That's half the reason I need to move away. I need an adventure that doesn't include me running to my parents when I get home sick. So mike and I are compiling a list of possibilities so we can start researching more and possibly visit some of the cities we haven't been to. We want a city feel. Not necessarily big city. But in the sense that we could bike to a good deal of places and not have to drive everywhere. The job market is also a big driving factor as well as a fun place for young people. And yes, distance to a Fazoli's is a deciding factor for me. I am that obsessed.

Chicago has a big design job market, there's always something to do, it's beautiful in the winters, beach volley ball in the summer, Renegade Craft Fair [heck yes], I already know my way around
Downsides: Freezing winters, high crime rate, I already know my way around [yes, this is both a pro and a con. If we move to Chicago I'd feel like I was following in my parent's footsteps]
Fazoli's Verdict: Nearest is 40 miles away. 

Certainly not flat like Ohio, Phoenix is one of the biggest cities in America and continually growing. Cons to living in Phoenix would probably be how hot it is. SPF 100+ for me.
Fazoli's Verdict: There are no Fazoli's in the state of Arizona

Pros: A pretty big indie following, not as "hollywood" as most of California, not too hot, Renegade Craft Fair, lots of design positions available
Cons: Pricey to come home for the holidays, way too far to visit home other than maybe Christmas.
Fazoli's Verdict: Closest is in L.A.

The blocks are smaller than other cities so having a car isn't even necessary when you can walk, bike, or ride the TriMet to work/around town. The Pearl District sounds pretty indie to me... lots of art galleries and businesses. Downside? It's about as far as San Francisco and much colder.
Fazoli's Verdict: I'm just out of luck

Home to the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, this would be an awesome city for photography. I love the architecture of cathedrals. Second most affordable city among the top 20 metropolitan cities in America. Third in "overall quality of life" And last but certainly not least... a short 3 hour drive to the Elsie's shop in Springfield :]
Fazoli's Verdict: Closest restaurant is 5.5 miles away. SCORE!

Big city feel and close to home... but Mike hates the Steelers, Penguins [mainly Sydney Crosby], and the Pirates so that leaves out any hope of every going to a sporting event.
Fazoli's Verdict: Closest is in Canton, Ohio... 80 miles away

Indianapolis is definitely close enough to home that we could visit from time to time without breaking bank but not sure it's a good place for young people. This photo makes me think PHOTO OP though.
Fazoli's Verdict:  4.9 miles away!!!

I'm told that Boston has horrible weather and that it will make me love Ohio that much more. Perhaps this is exactly what we need lol :] Not sure how much I believe this, but it has a "lower" crime rate than most cities. Semi-close to New York, which I want to visit at least once but would never want to live there.
Fazoli's Verdict: 481 miles away. No, that's not a typo. Not cool, Boston. Not cool.

Does anyone have any opinions or more info about any of these cities [or a city that I didn't mention that would be perfect for a young couple? I'd love any advice you have!


  1. columbus! i know it's close, but i put it and st louis in the same category. and fazoli's is not far. :)

  2. My only fear with Columbus is that I'll fall in love with it and think "hey It's still Ohio.." and stay there forever. I don't think I can pass up living within a reasonable distance to my free babysitter living in Springboro once kids are on the way, whenever that is :]

  3. I have friends who moved to Chicago, portland, and pittsburgh. The girl in chicago is a designer and found work RIGHT AWAY, and they love it there. The girl in Portland said the job market is a little tougher, but she really loves the city. The girl in Pittsburgh says there are a lot of really great jobs and the city is great for young creative people. I went to college in Boston and it's one of my FAVORITE cities, but the job market is also super competitive. And even though it's one of america's more well known cities, it's still pretty small. And super expensive. Good luck!

  4. i am glad you left me a comment so i was able to discover your blog! i live in canada so i am not familiar with most of the cities on your list...but i have been to chicago and san francisco and love both. sounds like an exciting adventure :)

  5. my favorite city in the world is Nashville, TN! I've been wanting to move there for years, and even though it's not a huge city, it still has a great community or artists and music! Also, maybe Austin Texas? Or Portland Oregon? :)

  6. New reader (and blogger) here - I just saw this and am intrigued! Having said that, I have lived in Indianapolis all my life. I lived on the north side of the city. If you are looking for a part of town that is a little trendier, look into Broad Ripple. It is pretty popular among the 18-30 crowd. Lots of art studios, galleries, etc. I am 20 years old and I love living in Indianapolis. I have visited Ohio and Illinois with my boyfriend, and it all seems so similar with the midwestern charm and such. Sorry for typing a novel!

  7. PHOENIX! It's awesome. I moved there when I was in high school and I love it. The summers aren't so bad because they're like other states winters. We just stay inside in the a/c or in the pool. And the rest of the year is beautiful weather!

    Also, there are Fazoli's in AZ! I know it doesn't say so on there website, but I've been to a few of them. Not sure if all of them are still open, but my Fazoli's is definitely still going strong!

  8. Oh, also check out Austin, TX. They have a great arts/indie scene going on now. It's a great place for a young couple to make a fresh start! Plus they have Fazoli's!

    I'm a big fan of San Francisco, too. Just had to say it. It's my favorite city.

  9. If you haven't made up your mind yet; PHOENIX! I love it here and actually we used to have Fazoli's and I was uber bummed when they all closed, but! I hardly miss it now, and we have TONS of other great restaurants. if not PHX, Portland for sure!

  10. San Francisco, hands down. I have no idea what a Fazoli's is, but I'm sure in SF there will be at least 10 new favorite places to replace it. The weather is good, and everyone will visit. I moved there before my 25th, and it was one of the best things I've ever done.

  11. Boston! I've lived here all my life, and I can tell you first-hand how strong the community is. The job market is competitive, but not impossible to get into. It also comes with fairly rewarding pay, depending on where you end up. Boston is also VERY appreciative of small businesses, so maybe, one day, if you feel like it, you could open up a flagship store for your business. Oh, and the cold is something you easily get used to. My mom comes from Israel (warm or hot, all the time), and was able to enjoy the weather after only a few months. Anyways, no matter where you go, I hope you and your fiance enjoy yourselves. Best wishes from Boston!


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