DIY | Christmas Wrapping Paper Alternative

I know everyone has a few [if not tons] of brown grocery bags and newspaper laying around their house. Instead of spending more money on wrapping paper, why not throw that money towards Christmas presents and go eco-friendly this year? This DIY is for all my green readers out there. Don't recycle? No worries, there's still a week before Christmas and more than enough time to stash those bags and newspapers for later use.

What you'll need: Different sized paper grocery bags, newspaper, yarn, scissors, and tape.
I used a regular sized grocery bag as well as a larger one from Bob Evan's Carry-Out [we buy mass quantities of their rolls for Thanksgiving. Yum] For the larger Bob Evan's bag, I cut out the sides to get a longer length. In hindsight, I should have done what I did with the smaller grocery bag which was to cut down the center of the bag and cut the bottom out. By cutting out the sides I had about the same amount of paper, the bottom was just really hard to fold when wrapping.

Then, wrap your present with the brown paper you now have. Don't worry if you have tape everywhere, you're going to cover it up eventually.

Now you'll need your newspaper. I folded in each end so that I had smooth edges to work with. Wrap it around the present making sure the "seam" is on the bottom where you won't see.

If your newspaper doesn't quite reach you can either let it go [it's the bottom of the present so no one will really see] or if you a tad OCD like me, you can tape together two pieces of newspaper to wrap the whole present. As you can see in the picture, you can hardly tell where they are joined by tape.

Now you'll need your yarn. You could use pretty Christmas colors, but yellow, gray, and black were the only colors I had laying around the house at the time. Cut long strands of equal length of each color you want and wrap the present however you like. I chose to do the typical criss-cross look. For the bow, cut about a foot long strand of each color then cut that into fourths.

Tie them in a knot at the "criss-cross" and now you have a cute little bow for the present!

Ta-Da! Now your presents will be the talk of the town... or at least the talk of the house :] Have fun! And if anyone decided to go green with their wrapping this year, I'd love to see! Be sure to leave a comment with the link to your creations!

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