TGIF everyone! Thought I'd do something new and merge my blog with Twitter for a post! Here's who I recommended through my Tweet this week...

MelRellerPhoto Melanie Reller is a Northern Kentucky Portrait Photographer who specializes in Families, Children, Newborn, Weddings, etc. I'll be posting some awesome pics she took of Mike and me in the new year. Check her out!

OhMishka Michelle is one of my Blog pals who makes cute hair pins, coffee cup cozies, and re-usable snack baggies.

LoveElycia Elycia has a pretty rad blog and makes super cute mustache accessories. I will be buying one someday :]

Gooseberried Michelle runs a blog that I recently began to follow. She recently made an amazing earring holder out of wire netting and a vintage frame. If only I actually changed my earrings :]

Elsiecake I think this one is pretty self explanitory. Everyone in the craft blogosphere knows Elsie. If you don't, check out her blog at www.elsiecake.com it's completely inspiring.

FeedProjects This is a charity organization that I fell in love with when I first got my 3 Feed 3 Read bag from Barnes and Noble. They are such a cool group. You should definitely check them out.

Check them out d00ds! :] Yes, I just said "d00ds"

And if you have a Twitter account you should definitely follow me, Allis0nKaye, because I adore new followers & friends

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  1. thanks for the #ff :) this is such a cool idea for a blog post!


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