Guest Blogger | Lauren from The Perfect Pear

Today starts the final stretch before finals week this semester! I am lucky enough to have a few amazing blog pals to help me keep things rolling on Crafted Love while I scramble to get things done. I have more time to focus on homework and you get some crafty inspiration from other bloggers! So with out further adieu, I'd like to introduce my newest blog friend, Lauren from The Perfect Pear!

A big hello to all the lovely readers of Crafted Love, its such a delight to be guest blogging here! For those of you who may not know me, my name is Lauren or otherwise known as The Perfect Pear, around the blogosphere!
I LOVE Christmas, and I LOVE doing DIY's. Put those together, and this is what you get. An edible, cute Christmas DIY that is sure to make you fuzzy and warm inside! :) and your taste buds will be tickled.

You'll need: Some Gumdrops, Toothpicks, Styrofoam Cone and Scissors
1: Start by cutting your toothpicks in half
2: Taking the non-pointy part, poke it into your gummy
3: Now poke your gummys into the Styrofoam cone, you can make any design, I made swirls
4: Just keep going around, until your tree is full of gumdrops! 
cute, pretty and edible! all in one! 
P.S. you should really visit my blog! I'm serious. :) the perfect pear. It'd make my day!


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