i'm no movie critic, but...

Holy cow. This movie was phenomenal. This will be a fairly short post. When I love a movie like I did this one, I am just in awe. I have no words. It's like I'm star-struck. Without giving anything away, this movie will leaving you in a cold sweat and so completely surprised. One of Mike's friends wants to be a movie producer some day and even he thought this movie was incredible. If you haven't heard of Black Swan, it's in theaters now and I really suggest you go see it. I will definitely be buying it the minute it come out on bluray. There is one part I definitely could watch over and over again and still be left agape. Amazing. Natalie Portman is such an amazing actress in it. She is so versatile. Mila Kunis is perfect for her role. I just don't even know what to say! Go see it!!!

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  1. oh my gosh, i agree! i was amazed and blown away by how beautiful and haunting this film was!


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