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I recently finished Elsie's Blog Love e-course and I have learned a lot. It's made me rethink my blog features and feel the need to do an all around revamp of the blog [I'll save that one for another time] I've really started to brainstorm about ways to make Crafted Love even better, starting with choosing 3-4 main features that really mean something to me. I'm really excited about this week's blog line up and I'm starting it off with a mismatch of interiors I adore. Take a look...

I love those clip inspiration boards. Such a cool idea. And I adore the whole shelve devoted to colorful yarn. I love yarn :]
Love that chair! I really need to learn how to reupholster so I can make my own! I also love the hanging paper globes/lanterns. If I had more space in my room I would totally add a reading corner with similar globes. Maybe in my living room?

I love paper garland! I've been meaning to create some festive garland to hang over our TV on our very bare wall but haven't gotten around to it.

Another type of inspiration board. So many choices!

One... love the retro table. Two... love how it's brought up to studio height with CMUs. I prefer working/crafting up higher than the average desk so this would be perfect for me.

Drools. Look at all those buttons!

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  1. How good was Elsie's e-course! So helpful. I'm just so clueless when it comes to design though, hence why S&R looks so 'no frills'! Any tips on how to make a cool banner? I was going to purchase photoshop this week to try and make something. Ps. I love 'crafted love', interior envy is a great read. The little rosette haircips you make are divine as well.
    Tone xo


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