It's Christmas Time!

Busy busy busy! There's still so much left to do before finals. It's slightly [insanely] overwhelming. But I've taken a break from all the craziness to post some funny pics from my Christmas decorating back home in Springboro. We have a strict "No Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule. This year was a little difficult because we had my Mom's side of the family Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday which meant we had to get Christmas up in one day on Sunday before I went back to Oxford. We managed to get it all done and now it's time to crank out Xmas tunes!
Without fail, every year Booster will lay in the middle of our ornaments. She loves boxes. And being in the way.
She's such a goof ball. Always has to be the center of attention.
Gizmo on the other hand, prefers to just stay out of the way. She gets a little antsy when there's any sort of packing/unpacking going on. So she just perches on the stairs so there's enough room to run away :]

Side note, is anyone interested in doing a guest post/diy on Crafted Love? It would definitely help keep things rolling on here while I'm busy with finals :] Email me at craftedlove[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested!!!

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  1. I have the same "no christmas before thanksgiving rule." And my daughter was born on New Year's day so this will be the 2nd year we impliment "no christmas after December 30th." Which means I have to hurry and get it down before her birthday so that her birthday will ALWAYS be seperate from Christmas!


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