New Sponsor | Cupcakes & Cutiebugs

Another new sponsor to introduce! I'd like to welcome Lauren, from Cupcakes and Cutiebugs, to the Crafted Love sponsor list.  I had the pleasure of designing the blog button for her site. Very fun :]

Lauren is an 18 year old college student studying English and Psych [props for doing a double major, Lauren!] She loves anything artsy like writing, photography, scrapbooking, baking, performing comedy improv, and ballroom dancing. She has an Etsy shop as well, Cutiebug Creations. She started her blog as a fun way to express herself and to connect with other crafty people around the blogosphere. In just the past year she has learned a lot about herself and what all she would like to share.

Another warm welcome to Lauren and good luck with all of your blogging adventures! Head over to her blog and check her out!

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