oh, oxford... smashed in car window

It's been an interesting couple of hours to say the least. I had my design critique today so around 10:00 I went out to my car to drive up to studio and prepare. I was a tad bit nervous about it, like I always am so I certainly didn't need anymore stress to add to my plate.

I get to my car and what do you know? Someone has decided to smash in my back passenger window. Awesome. Luckily nothing was stolen, although I don't keep interesting things in my car to begin with unless someone is dying for a half empty McDonald's Coke [side note, was everyone aware that McDonald's has their very own type of Coke? It's addicting and I'm convinced it's laced with some form of heroin... another side note, no I don't do drugs and don't think anyone should!] Back to the story. Nothing valuable in my car. So I'm not clear what the motive was to smash my window in the first place but then again it's Oxford.
At that point I was in panic mode because the campus bus just went by and my only way of getting to studio on time was to a) wake up my sleeping roommates or b) drive with a broken window. Waking up a college student early is probably one of the worst things you can do so I ran inside and grabbed my duct tape. I had two options of duct tape color, non of which were the generic gray. I passed on using the florescent pink and instead grabbed the metallic silver.
I got in the car to rush to studio, closed the door and more glass shattered to the seat. I was a little worried someone would punch in the tape job that I was so very proud of while my car was parked on the street but thankfully no one was that desperate. My critique went really well which brightened my day and even more so when I found out that insurance was going to cover the window repair completely [insert happy dance here]

I was already planning on heading home because tonight is my night to visit Mike for Trivia night so the fact that the repair place is in Dayton didn't really matter much. It's getting fixed tomorrow morning so all is well. Unfortunately Mike is sickly so there will be no Trivia tonight. Instead we will be watching Netflix and ordering Fazoli's in. Pretty awesome alternative if you ask me :] Any suggestions Netflix addicts?


  1. This makes me sad, nervous, scared, and mad. I do not understand why someone would do this. :(

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