running around. christmas party prep.

I mentioned in my post a few days ago that with all the stress from this week I completely forgot that I have a Christmas party tonight. At my own house. Not only that, but it's some-what of a costume party. It's an Ugly Christmas Sweater, Anything But Clothes Christmas, and Christmas Festiveness theme. I've finished up everything that was due this week, turned it all in, and ran to the only store within 20 minutes of Oxford to try and throw together a costume for tonight.

1. Green Garland   2. Green Felt   3. Foam Ball
4. Red Lipstick   5. Red Ribbon   6. Pearl Beads   7. Headband [not shown]

Soooo... what do you get when you combine these seven items from Walmart into a Christmas costume? Well, you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out! Anyone have any guesses? I'd love to know! Check back tomorrow and see what my costume is!

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