sleeping in & a christmas costume

I slept in this morning for the first time in who knows how long. And let me just say... it felt amazing! Today will be full of studying for my first exam on Tuesday but first, as promised, here is my costume from the party, remember the supplies I was working with?... Mistletoe!

 I ended up gluing the foam balls to the green garland and then making a mistletoe ball with the green felt and pearl beads. It now hangs at the bottom of our stairs. And last but not least I made a mistletoe headband with the felt and beads too! I think I'll put it in my Etsy shop later.

Ta-Da! Now it's off to get out of PJs and get to studying! Have a great day!

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  1. Your mistletoe was so cute!!! :) Didn't you make that mistletoe hanging by the stairs too? You should put that on here it was adorable.


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