Starbucks Love

Phew! You wouldn't believe how long it took to upload this one little photo! My internet has decided to throw a temper tantrum like you wouldn't believe! But nevertheless, the post shall go on! Today I decided to take a little break from all this finals craziness and have a fun day with Myk. 

After I made some yummy cinnamon rolls and ate them with Kayla, Mike and I stopped at Starbucks for those oh-so adorable holiday cups that just make Christmas that much better. I actually don't like coffee... that's a sin, right? So I always get one of three things: Caramel Apple Spice, Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade, and my all time favorite... Cap'n Crunch Frap [Strawberry Frappuccino with Toffee Nut... it tastes EXACTLY like Cap'n Crunch. I swear!]

It was a perfect start to the day. We headed to the Mall to do some Christmas shopping and just hang out. I picked up a really cute [and super inexpensive] new pea coat. I can't wait to wear that tomorrow!
The roomies and I put up my tree tonight. Mike and I bought it two years ago and I think it's just so cute! It's not your traditional tree, which is exactly what I like. The white tree with plum ornaments is just perfect! Well almost perfect... now that i look at this photo my OCD is kicking in and there's one bit of the ribbon that's hanging farther than the rest. I think I'll go fix that after this!

It looks like I have a few guest posts lined up in the coming week. Exciting! If anyone else wants to join in on the fun just email me at craftedlove[at]gmail[dot]com and we will set something up! It's a great way to get some exposure and maybe grab a few extra readers!

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