Thursday Treasures

As a new feature to the blog along with Interior EnvyEtsy Must Haves, and Weekend DIYs [still working on this one] I've added Thursday Treasures to the list to share all the goodies I come across throughout the week. Enjoy! 

1. Pies in a Jar. I really want to make a few of these and throw them in the freezer for some yummy snacks throughout the year. They're also awesome for small gifts! Just decorate the jar with a pretty bow and ta-da!

2. This baby. Who appears to have decided to take a nap in the middle of a hallway. Sitting up. Hilariously cute.
3. This really inspiring quote and photo. I'm realizing more and more each day to follow my dreams and not what's expected of me.
4. Festive coffee mugs... even though I don't drink coffee. I need to go buy some Hot Cocoa!

5. Love Love Love! That's all I have to say!

6. Super cute dress from Anthro. Wish it were warmer!

Today is my most hectic day of finals week. If I survive tonight I will be in such a good mood the rest of the holiday season! I almost forgot that I have a party tomorrow at my own house that I have yet to come up with an outfit for! It's an Ugly Christmas Sweater/Christmas Costume/Anything But Clothes Christmas themed party. Does anyone have any good ideas on what I should wear/dress up as??? Help!

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