Thursday Treasures

Colorful Pom Pom Garland. These look like they are actually felt balls but I bet it'd be just a cute to use craft store fuzzy pom poms and they;re perfect for year round :] Next fun project? Maybe!

Mustard Yellow. I'm sure everyone already knows about my obsession with this color. But I also adore the outfit as a whole. The skirt is super cute and I love how it shows you can still be cute in the winter! Although, I would probably have to wear three pairs of tights in order to be warm enough to step foot outside in this weather.

Airsteam Doghouse?!?! Yes!!! I don't plan on having a small dog in the near future [I prefer bigger dogs like Dobermans, German Shepherds, Boxers, and Great Danes] but maybe a kitteh would like a bed like this! I can only hope!

Hilarious Quote. I giggled when I read/saw this. Mainly because when I'm super bored I like to google random things. And yes, I have googled myself... and yes, I came up in searches. Therefore I am.

Cuteness. There are no words for how adorable this kitten is. I just want to pick it up and kiss it. He/she reminds me of those four kittens we rescued this past summer. They were so small!!! The title of this pic was "Yoda Kittie"... I'm not sure I see that. But then again I was never a Star Wars fan. Nevertheless, I die.

Beautiful Window Seats. I'd love to have a spot like this where I can cozy up with some starbucks to read a book or blog. My life would be complete.

Amazing Mother-Daughter Style. Who said little girls only wear pink and lace? This little girl has got it all! Mini fashionista in the making. What makes it even cuter is how she's camera shy. I see myself surrounded by boys when I start having kids but if I ever have a little girl I will definitely make sure she's dressed super cute every day!

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