Weekend Excitement

Another busy day at work. I need to tidy up a bit but thought it'd be fun to show how messy I can get while doing projects. And that's only one side of my desk! I hoping I can finish up my design project today so I only have to worry about getting it printed this weekend. I'd love to finally have time to sit back and write a blog post longer than one or two paragraphs!

Tomorrow Mike and I have another photo shoot with Melanie which should be super fun! We're taking some more urban shots in downtown Cincy for her portfolio. The forecast says snow... how cute would snow be in our pictures? Can't wait! Only sad thing is, I won't be able to wear my new coat because I'll just blend in with Mike's black coat. Oh well, I do love my black and white Express coat. So look for those photos on Melanie's Facebook page in the next few weeks!

Then later Saturday night I'm going as my best friend, Justin's date for his fraternity's semi-formal. I get to eat some amazing sushi and have some fun with some of my favorite guys.

Over all, sounds like a pretty fun and some-what chill weekend I have ahead of me! Now if only I could get a nap in...

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  1. Psh. Your desk looks spotless compared to mine.


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