whoops... plus my kitteh says hello

While she's not the most photogenic thing in the world, I caught this little monster wreaking havoc on my living room. My cat likes to mess up rugs. Every rug in the house. And if we fix the rug, she translates that into us telling her that it needs to be torn up again. She's very dramatic about it, too. She winds up, bum in the air, and takes a flying leap under the thing. It's quite comical... the first three times.

As for the "whoops" part of the title, I figured out today that all this time, my blog buttons at the lower left hand corner have had the incorrect HTML in the scroll box. So if you have tried to add a Crafted Love button to your blog and didn't succeed, everything is fixed now. Also, if you add a Crafted Love button, leave me a comment letting me know and I'll be sure to mention your blog in a upcoming post! Thanks for the support!

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