100 little somethings [1-25]

Hello! As a way for you guys to get to know me a little better, I've compiled a list of 100 random things about me! But for now, I'm posting numbers 1 through 25 just to start you off.

1. I ask a LOT of questions [just ask Mike]
2. I fall asleep if someone plays with my hair for very long. Everytime.
3. I got my nose pierced when I was 18 with one of my best friends Cassie

4. I've never been west of Illinois
5. I had an industrial piercing for all of 6 short months [I miss that thing]

6. I do a happy dance every time I get snail mail
7. I'm sarcastic once you get to know me
8. I was in the marching band all four year of high school
9. I always watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show
10. My hair is naturally very curly. I wish there was a big magic secret but I walk out of the shower with my hair looking like this

11. Red is my natural hair color. The only part of my hair I've dyed is the under layer. My family would kill me if I dyed my hair completely
12. I have a 'go-to' pose. It involves me pursing my lips to the side. I'm sure you've seen it many times in photos [see number 5]
13. I have really bad Seasonal Affective Disorder. I get extremely depressed if it's gloomy outside and I'm not surrounded by people.
14. My favorite season is Fall, though I'll never be happier than when those first days of Spring come
15. I want a huge family. Ideally four boys and then one girl as the youngest. But life has a way of throwing you for loops so we'll see how that goes
16. My ears seem to dislike every sort of metal there is. Therefore, I've deciphered this as a sign to get gauges
17. I used to HATE [repeat, HATE] applesauce. Now I eat it like candy
18. I currently have one tattoo, but I have a total of 7 already planned for when I have the money

freshly inked

19. I love arcade games. Especially the zombie shooting ones. They really get my heart pumping.
20. I'm extremely claustrophobic. Even thinking about not being able to move my arms gets me hyperventilating. Calming myself down right now...
21. I love watching movies. No matter how lame they end up being. I'll watch anything and everything just name the time and place
22. My Hollywood crush is, and will always be Heath Ledger. I miss him dearly
23. I think it's cute when people have their cheek dimples pierced. If i had cute dimples I'd do it too
24. Whenever there's a bug in my house I let it crawl onto a piece of paper and set it free outside. Once I accidentally squished the bug trying to get him off the paper and instantly started crying
25. I still get excited when someone comments on a post

* * *

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  1. Love your blog! I have 4 tattoos... they are addicting!!

  2. fun post! stopping by from pie in the sky!

  3. 6. i do too. we should be penpals!! :)
    13. it gets really bad for me as well so i'm glad to know im not alone.
    18. your tattoo is amazing
    25. it's a great feeling.

    can't wait to see the next set of random facts!! :)

  4. i have always wanted to get my ears stretched but something is holding me back...go for it!


  5. haha, i like #19, i love those games too :)


  6. I've got my nose pierced too.
    I'm following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com

  7. Stopping by via Pie 'N the Sky! What a cute post idea :)

  8. Found your blog through Twitter! ::waves::

    #16 I seem to have that problem with nose piercings and it makes me sad! I refuse to give up though and later this year will be my 3rd try. I'm not a quitter, haha!

    #18 LOVE the font!

    And I could babble on but I'll just stop here and say your list is a big thumbs up!

  9. hehe, i like this. and i have a very similar go-to pose. haha, ivan calls it my 'blog face'.

  10. Oh wow. I can relate on SO many levels:

    - My fiance runs his fingers through my hair to help me sleep.
    - I absolutely LOVE getting snail mail.
    - I'm addicted to tattoos, but only currently have one.
    - I love zombie games (zombies in general, even) and love watching movies.
    - And I let all bugs or even little rodents go free. I ran over a squirrel by accident once and had to pull over because I was crying so hard.

  11. Great post idea. I cant wait for the next 25!!!


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