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This weeks BESTeam feature is on Write Owl Designs. I love this little blurb from her profile:

When I was eight, everyone I knew got an American Girl doll, and my mom took a pack of office paper, a box of crayons, a needle and thread, and some construction and contact paper and made me a book making kit. "You can make your own story," she told me. That gift changed my life: That is why I make books today, and that is how I became a collector of stories. Now my goal is to give something meaningful back to people, to connect with them, and to encourage them to make their own stories.

What a cute story as to how she got into what she does now. Write Owl Designs is based in Portland, OR [one of the cities in our City Search] and makes lovely journals and bound notebooks. Here are just a few of my favorites from the shop...


 You can hop over to Write Owl's blog or shop using the links below and I definitely think you should!

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