a craving turned into an adventure [photo heavy]

It's been a while since I've had my Fazoli's fix since moving back to Oxford and today I'd had enough. The closest Fazoli's to Oxford is back home in Dayton which is about a 40 minute trip. But there's also a Fazoli's in Richmond, Indiana that is 45 minutes away. Go to boring Dayton? Or take an extra five minutes to Richmond and have a little bit of an adventure along the way? Definitely the latter.

We passed tons of pretty building and random things on the road. Like a John Deer shop, haha. I love this yellow mansion. It was turned into some sort of museum and if I wasn't so hungry I might have made us stop in.

It's sad how excited I was when I saw it in the distance. Of all the restaurants to crave 24/7...

Yay!!! So good. We were going to catch a movie at the AMC behind Fazoli's but would have had to wait like 3 hours till the next showing. Laaaaaame. So instead...

We saw this sign in the distance that said "Milk House". Um, yes? I had no clue what it was but we had to stop. It turned out to be some sort of drive through gas station shop thing. This lady in a pink snow suit came out to ask us what we wanted and walked back in to get it. I felt a little lazy and totally awesome at the same time lol

We were caught a little off guard that someone took our order so we just got donuts and a milk. It was pretty funny though.

On the way back we passed a bunch more pretty buildings we didn't see on the way there. More pretty yellow buildings and a cute run down laundromat.

More pretty scenery and then before I knew it we were entering Oxford again. Richmond was a pretty cool city. I might go back sometime with my friend Valerie who is from Richmond so I can see all the pretty places I missed this time around.

Tonight we are having a small get together at our house and then tomorrow morning it's off to Dayton for the remainder of the weekend to celebrate my little brother's 15th birthday. Geez he's getting old! Have a great night!


  1. I don't think I would even know what to do if someone came and took my order like that!

    Lovely pictures :]

  2. very nice photos! and blog too :)
    i'm your new follower :)♥

  3. ha ha ha, I don't even know what to say about Mike's face! That's hilarious!
    I need you to take an adventure with me down in my neck of the woods. I need to find some new shooting locations and you just have this eye/ability of finding things that I wouldn't see. Love it!

  4. i would definitely drive that far to get to a chipotle. i'm obsessed. and the milk house? so awesome.

  5. I love looking at these types of photos as we don't have towns like that in Ireland. Even better with a description of the random adventure/food hunt!

  6. OK...this post just totally caught me off guard because I live in Richmond! I drive by all of those places almost every day and that Fazoli's is our favorite place to take our boys - it is like 2 minutes from our house. Small world! Richmond has some pretty cool architecture and history. Oxford is pretty great too...my friends and I used to go there on the weekends during our college days.


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